Simple Design

No design skill is required. Easily change template design between 3 template. Also, change the theme colors in 12 colors


Responsive Layout

Our Responsive layout is look good on all devices such as iphone, android phone, ipad, and android pad.


App Based

Foodnara's online order application is made by App based, not web-based

Foodnara Mobile Order App

Why It’s Best #1

Huge difference with web-order and App-order is way to approach to make order. Web order, consumer must search web page address or memorize to login to order pages. Foodnara provide simplest way to order as downloading app from apple store and play store and just order.

Our competetors provide good App in nationwide with 25%-30% of your online sales volume.Think how much profit you can make per order even your online sales volume is increased every month. Foodnara wish to grows with our customers with lower-cost fees


Foodnara Mobile order App

Why It’s Best #2

Foodnara is doing best effort to reduce the customer's expense to maintain online order, and increase the sales volume to give more profit to our customer.

  • We Build the menus
  • 10.4" Android Pad provided
  • Low-cost Fees
  • Bluetooth Kitchen Printer
  • Provide +300 Food images
  • Back Office provided
  • Multiple Design Templates
  • Continuous Maintenance

Our's Amazing Features

Foodnara's online order app provide a many of neccessary features to increase store's sales volume with lower-cost expense.

Easy to Use

Store can add,update, and delete items with app in 10.4" android pad provided by Foodnara

Easy to Approach

Customer does not have to memorize your web address to make an order. Customer need to just download and install our app in app stores from play store or apple store.


Easily change the configuration for pick up/Delivery, post-payment/pre-payment, delivery fee, delay time for food, reward points, tip amount...and more

Nexus Black


Store can issue the limited number of coupons in certain period based on the amount and purchased items

Low-cost & Fast Deposit

Foodnara charges much lower than our competitor and not hold the fund a week or two weeks. All batch amount will be deposited in daily basis to your account directly

Secure & Valid

All credit card transaction will be processed thru secured Authorize.net plattform.



Times Download



Hours of Development






Satisfied Members

App Screenshots for Consumers

Consumer can make an online order for all stores registered to foodnara with only one app downloaded

App Screenshots for Store

Store can receive the order and print with 10.4" Android pad.With our great back office, store can track the sales,tax,items report, add or update the menus, coupons, and design of template

What Foodnara is developing...

Foodnara is working to upgrade the our Online order App for restaurant to better designs and functions. Also, Foodnara is developing the other Online Apps for variety types of business.


Retail Store

We are developing the online order App for retail store as Clothing Stores, Beauty Supply, Liquor Stores, Dollar Stores


Nail Salon

We are developing Mobile App to make an Appointment and Reservation for Nail Salon and Hair Salon


Kiosk Station

We are developing low-cost self-ordering system for restaurant and fast food.

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